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Steering and suspension parts
Brake pads and shoes
Brake disc
Wheel bearing / wheel bearing kit
Cv joint
Shock absorber
Oil filter
Fuel filter
Air filter
Cabin filter

Terms and conditions

All our parts are new, with up to 36 months warranty. All prices are in Polish zlotys, and do not include VAT. The price of each product is valid at the time of order. MASTER-SPORT Company reserves the right to change prices of goods on offer, introducing new products to offer internet and cancel promotional pages MASTER-SPORT or make changes.



Master-Sport-Automobiltechnik (MS) Production - Distribution Center Wieslaw Rutka
Gorlitz 38-300, ul 11.Listopada 68, POLAND

Tax ID: 7380003964

Company ID: 490011410

NO RECORDS: 7006/2008




 First Shipping Department HOURS: Monday - Friday 8.00 - 17.00 SHIPPING REALIZE only on weekdays.


§.2  Second CONTRACT


To obtain a suitable product, proceed as follows:

⇒ Find the right product in the store and click on the option to order⇒ Complete the order form, selecting a form of delivery and giving the shipping address.⇒ For each order is issued a receipt. On request we can issue a VAT invoice. It should be noted the desire to receive the invoice in the notes and fill in the appropriate fields in the order form.⇒ If you depend on a very urgent shipment, please indicate this in the comments. Additionally, it is possible to order express shipping options⇒ The order will be executed, provided that the product is in stock MASTER-SPORT. In case of unavailability of the goods covered by the contract customer is informed of the status of the contract and shall decide on the manner of its implementation (partial completion, waiting time, cancel the whole order).⇒ The client can make changes in order until the invoice or receipt.⇒ The client can effectively cancel the order in whole or in part until the dispatch of a consignment of goods ordered by the Customer. (Enter the above changes is possible by contacting the store via e-mail: sprzedaz@master-sport.de⇒ In the case of bank transfer payment methods to deposit money into our account (account number and the owner of the data you received with the confirmation of transactions)⇒ Expect a commodity


§.3  Third PAYMENT


We accept only the following forms of payment:

⇒ for cash (payable on delivery parcel courier)⇒ transfer (payment on account). The name of the transfer, please provide your order number. The account number and details of the owner received a confirmation along with the transaction or can be found on this site.⇒ Collect from store personal collection by appointment date




When a buyer selects a payment method for cash and a contract with a full confirmation will address sprzedaz@master-sport.de to 12.00, shipping your purchase will be subject to 24 hours after payment statements or to inform us of cash on delivery ( for reasons beyond our control shipping time may take longer). Please also note that we try to make packages were sent on an ongoing basis (this is dependent on the number of parcels in the day) so please be patient and not Urge Us. When paying in advance if the transfer is charged to our account before 14.00 merchandise we are trying to send up to 24 hours (for reasons beyond our control delivery may take slightly longer).




When the courier delivers the shipment would not find you, you try to leave information about its delivery, in the form of advice. Courier will attempt to re-deliver the consignment to you in the next period is also shown on the monitoring of shipments DPD. WARNING! We are not able to determine or warrant the hours of delivery, it is entirely dependent on the courier. Therefore, in order to determine the exact time you must contact the courier on delivery. The customer is obliged to check compliance with the Order and the quantitative control of whether the goods have no mechanical damage caused during transportation. The customer is obliged to make such checks in the presence of the courier delivering the goods. If irregularities are found, please write the minutes of the courier and the urgent contact with us to clarify the situation and submit appropriate documents to the courier company. This procedure will enable us to respond adequately. From the moment of receiving the package at the hands of the carrier and the lack of preparation protocol referred to above, responsibility for security and condition of the shipment is transferred to the Buyer. Store is not responsible for the consequences caused by delayed delivery or loss of package by commercial carrier.





Shipment costs covered by CLIENT. You pay for goods purchased plus postage provided.




On request, we are issued a VAT invoice. They are sent to the address specified in the data to the invoice. In this case, confirming the purchase form, it is necessary to specify the NIP. The prices do not change. The invoice we send to all companies who have declared their willingness to purchase ownership in the comments. Please provide full details to the invoice.




⇒ customer reports a complaint or return goods to the shipping department. Refund is possible only in case if the goods are returned in the same condition in which it was delivered to the Customer - new, unused, in original packaging, and very important to the PROOF OF PURCHASE!!⇒ The client sends the goods to the address designated by us - transportation costs for return of the goods or his unfounded claims in a fully covered by the Client, while in the case of justified complaints postage Seller shall (at the same time to inform you that we do not accept any items returned to us for delivery) .⇒ The return of money is only transferred to the account designated by the Customer in the event of payment by the customer transfer charges to 14 working days, but when a customer chose to pay by the download, the reimbursement will be TO 14 DAYS AFTER receipt of our account receivable from the courier company Mail or Polish.
If you transmit to us the goods under complaint or refund, please proceed as follows:

First Notify the company that you would send the goods under complaint or refund

Second Make a note of the formula below and attach to the goods be returned

Third Necessarily accompanied by a receipt or F-VAT, which was sent with the goods

4th Return the goods to the following address:

Master-Sport Automobiltechnik (MS) Production - Distribution Center Wieslaw Rutka
38-300 Gorlitz Ul.11-November 68

The agreement concluded by the Internet is a kind of distance selling contracts, so if you are not yet 10 days have elapsed since the release of things you can withdraw from the contract of sale under Articles. 7 of the Act of March 2, 2000 on the protection of consumer rights and liability for damage caused by a dangerous product. A consumer who has contracted at a distance, may withdraw from it without giving reasons, making a declaration in writing within ten days. Completed and signed a statement sent along with the best merchandise from which to resign, but the shipping is done at your expense, resigning from the goods. To be returned goods must be accompanied by proof of purchase. Within 14 days the return of amounts paid for goods by bank transfer to the account specified by the customer. If the customer wanted an invoice - Refund will be given only after the signing and sending to us memo (which is becoming a redirection to him by us). Invoice should be returned no later than 30 days after its receipt. According to the Act, if the client decides not to purchase is a contract between him and the seller shall be considered null and the client is relieved of any obligations, but must have the product in the same state. All complaints are dealt with within 14 days of their receipt. Goods damaged will be replaced by another, full blown, and if it is impossible (for example due to exhaustion of effort), shop the buyer will pay the equivalent price of the product or offer other goods available in the store to choose from.

Unless the parties have agreed otherwise, the right to withdraw from a distance contract the consumer shall not be the case:

1) the provision of services launched, with the consent of the consumer, prior to the deadline referred to in art. Paragraph 7. 1 Law on the Protection of consumer rights and liability for damage caused by the product of 2 March 2000 (OJ No 22, pos. 271 late. Amended).

2) for audio and video recordings, and recorded on data carriers by the consumer after the removal of their original packaging,

3) contracts for services for which the price or remuneration depends solely on price movements in the financial market

4) benefits of the characteristics specified by the consumer in the contract made by him or closely connected with his person,

5) benefits, which by their nature can not be returned or whose subject is perishable,

6) provision of the press,

7) services in the field of gambling.

If the duration of the contract is not marked, either party may terminate it without stating reasons, this within one month, unless the parties have reserved a shorter notice.

DEAR CUSTOMERS also remember that in such cases is the most important contacts client - the seller in the course of which are explained to all issues in dispute and important for both parties. Do not be afraid to ask, we are open to any suggestions if necessary we will offer a good solution for both parties. Seller is not responsible for damages incurred by Buyer as a result of delays in receiving the shipment due to events beyond the control of the owner of Shop and makes it impossible for it to function properly, having the nature of force majeure, in particular: no transmission, incorrect transmission, delay or interruption of service, failure of the Internet or part of the power grid and others. By placing an order the Buyer accepts the above terms.





§.10  Guarantors of the quality of the goods offered are Master-Sport-Automobiltechnik (MS) Production-Distribution Center and the Master Sport (MS) GmbH. Detailed conditions of the guarantee shall always attached to the product warranty card._______________________

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